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ogling 0 Unverified

18:00 Sep 12, 2017

Men standing on backroad and ogling. As the place is low lit in the nights it is intimidating to walk through. More Information » « Less Information

Moulana Ziauddin Bukhari Marg, Moulana Ziauddin Bukhari Marg, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400102, India

पीछा करना 0 Unverified

10:11 Sep 10, 2017

मार्किट मे जाते हें । तो यहाँ पर लड़के छू कर जाते हें । गलत कमेँट करते हें । More Information » « Less Information

1, Chokha Bazaar, Dariyapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002, India

छेड़खानी करना 0 Unverified

06:00 Jul 17, 2017

इस तालाब के पास एक गार्डन हें । हम वहाँ पर साम के समय जाते हें । यहाँ पर लड़के भी आते आते हें । गार्डन मे लड़कियों को देख कर इशारा करते हें... More Information » « Less Information

Harsidhi Park, Surendranagar, Gujarat 363008, India

Commenting/Stalking/Following 0 Unverified

16:00 Mar 27, 2017

I was climbing down the escalator this morning and a shady looking man joined me on the same step on the escalator and started commenting on... More Information » « Less Information

Forum Mall, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

eveteasing 0 Unverified

14:00 Mar 01, 2017

my friend and I was eveteased by one passerby on bike.HE took rounds and passed us several times More Information » « Less Information

Art Faculty, University Enclave, Delhi, 110007, India

stalking 0 Unverified

20:00 Feb 28, 2017

faced kind of stalking many times while coming back from college in the late evening hours since I am in evening college the stalkers even approached... More Information » « Less Information

zakir hussain evening college

41-60 of 2342 Reports
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