Pictures taken at the station/during train ride from Gaya to Kolkata on Howrah Express

13:46 Oct 23 2013 Gaya Station

During a trip on Sepember 2012, I traveled from Bodh Gaya (Gaya station) to Kolkata in the Howrah express. I am a foreigner and was with my boyfriend. My train was late and I had to wait on the platform for a few hours. During this time, most of the men on the platform stared and took pictures of me, even when I was shielding myself. Once I got on the train I thought this would all stop, so I eventually nodded off during the journey. I later woke up to find my compartment entirely crowded with men taking my picture, and my boyfriend quite upset by it all. This was overwhelming and scary. After causing some commotion, a woman police officer arrived and kicked them out. She stayed outside my compartment making sure I traveled safe to my destination . Many thanks to her!
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