Eve Teasing

17:38 Aug 14 2006 Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, India

I am shocked why there have been no incident reported from the Pink City.Eve Teasing is so very common that it happen to girls almost every day.Well Let me share 1 such incident of my friend.We were studying in 1 of the prestigious girls college in Jaipur and were staying as a paying guest in C-scheme jaipur.Two of my friends went out to market to get something when suddenly 1 car came. I think they were 4-5 boys in the car.One of them tried to drag my friend in the car by groping in wrong place.Luckily the other friend saved her by shouting .It was so dreadful.She still cannt forget the incident..This is not just 1 case.. These kind of incidents keep happening there ..
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