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10:00 Mar 5 2006 Dubauli, Uttar Pradesh 274001, India

In lunch time,when I used to go to wash hand...Someone used to grope me daily.N I was to young to understand what was happening with me.I was in 10th STD.
Also when I used to go to school,few boys used to stalk daily just because I didn't tell yes for the I love u tomy fellow classmate,he send few boys to stalk me and it continued even after my parents reported it for 6years (7th STD to 12th STD) .This happened because of the education we are giving to our children.If we educate them, everything will be fine one day.But good educationis important.I remember in class 7th my Englishteacher proposed me.N I said NO n he didn't have me marks in exam n used to scold me without any reason.N 1 time he said "Boys will be boys" after finishing a essay on dowry.This type of education is being taught,so how is anything gonna change!
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