chain snatching and extortion for money and other valuebles

16:30 Oct 24 2017 Swayambhu Transport, Andheri-Ghatkopar Link Road, Opposite BMC School Mhili Village, Sakinaka, Krishna Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Sakinaka, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072, India

I am male age (30). Yesterday i went there to collect rice bags from the VRL Transport. One guy asked me to stop and politely said your sweat has fallen on the girl who was behind. I said sorry. i was not seen and I have no intention to do. But He said its ok. I will take you to her residence and say sorry. But his intention was to take me to isolated area and there he can threat in improper way by Hindu-muslim religion. I thought it is ok to say sorry and followed him. On the way he was asking dont talk too much(jitna bola hai..vutna hai kar). Do U have Samsung Galaxy Note-2, show me ur mobile, what do you wear? Is it Ganesha in your locket. I was horrified by this and I pleaded him to leave, I dont know what comes in mind and said "go" .I was escaped from that place as early as possible and again I came back to VRL transport office and asked them to help for me taking to their own vehicle. My sincere request is to dont blindly listen anything what they say. They are master in making you fool. I was very much disturbed by this incident.
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