Sexual Abuse

20:00 May 19 2018 B-312, Sitapura residency colony, Near iigj institue, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302022, India

Writing this on behalf of my wife..she is leaving in jaipur currently for her studies from Mahatma gandhi medical college in sitapura area in jaipur and stays in a hostel close the college B-312,sitapura residency colony near IIGJ institute and i work in bangalore in an IT COMPANY...so the incident came like after her dinner at around 8pm on 19th may, she and one of her friend in hostel went to buy ice cream at a near by shop close to hostel(approx around 300metre) nd while coming back there was no light in middle and their comes these two guys on bike aged around 28-30..they slowed the speed of their bike nd touched my wife\'s friend from behind nd then tried to touch on front..nd then my wife shouted. These guys then ran off on their motorcycle, my wife nd her friend was shock aftr this...and today on insisting coz i could make out of her voice that something had happened, she told me the whole story.
And now today ie on 20th may again at same time around 8:30 pm my wife finished her dinner nd was going back to to her room when she saw the same two guys on street passing nd making noices on girls standing in balcony..my wife then hidden herself behind the pole in balcony nd saw them going nd noticed that these guys stay on the same road of their hostel at around 300metres in a house. This is ridiculous. And i wanna use these platform.. to let this go to concerned authorities nd strict action should be taken against these culprits.
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