3 time touching 2 accident time stealing phone

04:48 Sep 17 2018 Avenue de L'independance, Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisie

first violation was 2015 in my school when boy attack on me to touch my chest is strong than me soo i just go to the home and stay in silence i felt depression because my family close minded i dont say anything
the 2 violence was in 2016 when i go out to market street in a crowd boy touching my ass i see him but i stay in silence cause im afraid from the society view that does not support the girl this 2 accident make me lose my own confidence
3 time was in 2017 the same place groupe of boling boy touching my ass i felt a terrible feeling so i encouraged and i gonna to screamed in public on the boy ho do this thing so is try like he dont now thing and just one boy in public supported me soo after this accident when i became age 19 i regret of the silence i wished if i went back to time and colled the police
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