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06:00 Oct 19 1998 D-203, Vasant Fiona,Opp Vasant Lawns, Off, Eastern Express Hwy, Thane, 400601, India

First incident was when I was in 8th grade and was walking towards my school (around 6:40 am). I saw a man coming towards me, and something didn’t feel right. From the corner of my eye, I followed his path and to my horror he continued to come towards me. Suddenly, he tried to grab my chest and push it. Since I was noticing him, I was quick to respond and held his hand. He was a grown man and I, still a school girl. I remember not letting go of his sleeves. A few people gathered (few because it was too early in the day) and hurled abuses at him – I continued to walk and went to school. Second incident was a few years back. While travelling from Thane to Borivali in a bus, the passenger sitting next to me touched me inappropriately. It went on for a while and as it was a moving bus, I didn’t realise immediately. But when I did, I yelled, created a scene and the conductor made him get off the bus.
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