Harassment by manual labor

13:18 Jan 19 2013 Bangalore

This happnened an year ago near Prestige Shantiniketan(PSN) in Whitefield Bangalore. I was living in PSN at that time and used to commute to my office by cycle. It was 8 in the evening, when 2 guys blocked my way and when I shouted they touched my breast. I screamed at the top of my voice, they were about to do more, but then 2 cars stopped to help me and they ran away. I called my hubby immediately and tried to catch them but couldn't.
I made a huge hue and cry with police at that time, also tried to make PSN security extend their area to the other side of road too. I am not staying there currently, so don't know what is the situation there now.
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dipak (Mar 13 2013)
Dear Madam, Pl keep the pepper spray handy in such situation
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