Friend (??) helping an eveteaser harass me

16:00 Aug 10 1993 Bara Mohansingh, West Bengal, India

This incident occurred years ago and I faced a number of harassment after that too but this is the one which affected me the most. So I thought I should share this and let people beware of their friends (girl) too.
This was on a trip to the local Medical College for an exhibition. We were returning after a very good day in a overcrowded bus. A guy started eveteasing me, all sorts of comments. He managed to get a sit next to me and I was cornered. He did not allow the bus conductor to come and take ticket from me. While all this was happening he was insisting on knowing my name. One of my good friends who is now a doctor and a faculty in a premiere institute reveal my name and other details to me. Till date I failed to understand whether she did not understand what she was doing (naive???) or she did it on purpose (we were competitors in school). Ultimately my torture came to an end by a quick stop at the police station. My friend only laughed when I asked her the justification of her actions.
Time has passed by... and I am Mother now. I tell my kids to beware of human predators in the world but how will I warn them of friends trying to cause harm to you.
Anybody reading this just one message- BEWARE OF YOUR GIRL FRIENDS ALSO!!!!!
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