Can't even help strangers

15:33 Jan 10 2012 Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This happened in Colaba in 2012. I was walking towards the Taj Palace to meet friends. I was wearing shorts and a spaghetti-strapped top (not that clothing is relevant but social conditioning makes me think it’s why I was singled out). A man stopped me and asked for help with his phone. It was frozen. I told him to take out the battery, and walked into the Taj. Approximately an hour later, I was in Cafe Mondegar because I needed to use the washroom. When I reached the washroom, the same man exited the male cubicle. He said, “Hello, do you remember me? I’m the phone guy.” I gave him my piss-off/get-lost look and proceeded to walk into the washroom. He held the door and said he wanted to talk. I pushed him away and walked in. While I was using the washroom, I could hear him calling his friend, saying, “She’s in here!” When I came out, they were both standing there, and they began asking me to add them on Facebook. I was really angry and told them that I was not interested.
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