Autowala (AP 11 X8604) leered at me at a traffic signal

19:00 Jan 28 2013 Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

I was standing at the traffic signal in front of Hyderabad city centre mall when a goods auto stopped at the signal and the autowala started honking. When I looked at him he puckered his lips in a vulgar fashion and then signed to me as if asking me if I would come with him. His auto number is AP 11 X8604.
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ssm (Oct 25 2013)
Always carry a pepper spray with you...its cheap and available online. And whenever you face just mannerless idiots, cover your face and spray at him and escape from that place as soon as possible. They will not be able to leer at any girl in future as pepper sprays spoil the retina of the eye. Its justified and by far, the most safest self defense method because you can use it from a distance. I live in US and pepper sprays are very common here for self defense.I think ppl in india especially girls should start using it.
filter (Oct 26 2013)
Yes thats correct.use pepper spray and those idiots will never do that to anyone. These idiots are uneducated and senseless fellows out there.
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