Eve teasing, physical abuse and damage to property.

11:00 Jul 5 2012 HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560043, India

It was my first day in Bangalore(after spending 4 years in Delhi). My kitchen was not yet set up hence we(me and my male friend) went out for dinner to a restaurant which was located at a very central area. At about 10:30PM, we were done with our dinner and while heading towards my car which was parked about 500 meters from the restaurant, four men(looked like in their forties) started calling me out, saying 'excuse me', on turning towards them, they started teasing me, passing comments like 'miss you', 'hello' and all. My friend got furious with them but I somehow managed to convince him to get into the car and We chose not to react. However, my friend asked me to stay inside the car and went out to note down their car number. These men seemed to notice him note down their car number, and after a while, they started man handling him. Fortunately I had a 'Naga chilly spray' with me. I took that out, ran towards them and managed to knock out three of them with the same. The fourth man got hold of my hand and pushed me down the road, and I hit my head. The saddest part was that people around were watching as if there is a drama being played on the road. Nobody came for help. While my friend was busy at the other end trying to fight with the rest of them, I saw one of the men take out iron rods from their car dickey. I pulled my friend telling him no one is gonna come for help and we will not be able to help ourselves either. We ran towards the car and immediately went inside. On turning the car to take a U-turn, two or three of them came running towards us with the intention to hit us, but since we were already inside, they smashed all sides of my car glasses. We rushed to the nearest police station asking for help. On showing them their car number(which my friend luckily noted down), the police personnel hesitated to file an FIR(As per our understanding, they seemed to be local/political goons residing in the same area. We left my car at the police station for the night, returned home at about 3AM in the morning and again went back to the police station for filing the FIR. After repeated failed request, we had to use my friend's position(he is in the army), we spoke to the head of that police station and filed the FIR. I was totally devastated from inside and wanted to leave Bangalore the very day. I cried the whole night and asked my friend to drop me home, maybe for a month, or two, or maybe forever, but I woke up the next day, and decided to fight this out. Being a woman living alone in the city, with 'different' looks and a car that these people can easily identify, I didn't want to get into the mess of making rounds at the police station, and court case(my friend also had to leave for work in few days), I decided to take back the FIR but also stay back in Bangalore and move on. We looked for a new house the very same day and I moved to a farther and safer house. It may be a question on someone's head as to why I withdrew the FIR and didn't try to punish those culprits. But we all know that the country that we live in. Even murderers are set free from punishment, leave aside eve teasers and people who made injury to us physically and damaged our property. This is a story, not only because I want to share one, but it shows how our own country has failed to protect its own citizens, a story of the faith that a woman doesn't have in her country's governing authority, a story that shows how we humans lag in being a helping hand when others are in need(yes, there were families watching the incident), a story to tell, that no matter how much hatred the world puts into you, you still need to have a love for humanity, a story, hoping that we(women) shall overcome from all these pain one day.....
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