Pervert Exposing and Masturbating

20:47 Oct 22 2013 North Avenue Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400054, India

Man standing between a schoolbus and a building wall on North Avenue in Santacruz (West); masturbating and exposing himself. It was pretty dark between wall and bus, and there are enough bushes to hide him from the watchmen who were just about 10-12 feet away. Initially it was unclear what he was up to owing to how dark it was. But when it did become more evident and I was about to call out to the watchmen he ran away. It's disturbing because there are kids living in the building and around it. This is also right on to a busy arterial lane between linking and sv road. The complete lack of fear of discovery on such a busy location is also disquieting. Just goes to show how even a seemingly highly unlikely and tiny secluded spot can become an opportunity.
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