Groping while in the bus

03:00 Nov 16 2002 Kalameshwar, Maharashtra 441501, India

I was around 12-13 years old, travelling in a state transport bus with my parents. Due to rush in the bus, my parents were seating on a different seat away from me and I was sitting on a different seat. A man in his early 30s came and seated next to me and started a general conversation with me, asking me which class I was in and told me about himself. He mentioned something about his mental instability problems. After sometime, a lady holding a baby was standing next to him and so he offered the lady a help to hold the baby and the lady handed him over the baby. As soon as he took the baby in one hand he inserted another hand in my tshirt sleeve and groped my breasts. I was so shocked what is happening and also very scared as to what should I do. I did even tell this to my parents and pretended as if nothing happened. But I remember this story clearly even after almost 12 years.
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