Indecent exposure to unsuspecting teenage girls

18:00 May 27 2006 Chandigarh, India

I was a young girl in 9th standard, playing in the streets of some residential area with a bunch of friends. A man, possibly in late 30s or early 40s, riding a scooter came close to where we were. After a moment, we realized the zipper on his trouser was open and he was possibly stroking himself, in full view of a group of 3-4 teenage girls. We were shocked and hurried into our houses. Only after a few minutes of silence we realized what had just occurred and vowed to take down the registration number of the vehicle the next time this happened. We never got the chance.
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BISON (Jan 3 2013)
THIS IS A GENERAL INFO BUT I GUESS U CAN ALSO GO THRU ... , always anticipate the possibility of such incidents ,ur immediate safety is in ur hands, either ensure that u r not travelling alone anywhere or carry a pocket knife or pepper spray for ur saftey . u shld also consider carrying an electrical teaser gun if possibe , u can buy them ,chek online , u'll feel a lot more confident if u hav the power to tackle off the B*st*rd. YOUR WEAKNESS IS NOT THAT YOU ARE PHYSICALLY WEAK BUT U HAVE ACCEPTED THAT YOU ARE WEAK AGAINST A MAN , U HAVE DECIDED THAT IN THE ABSENCE OF A CROWD AND LIGHT U ARE WEAK , TRUST ME FRIEND U HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF THAT YOU ARE NOT AFRAID OF A RETARD SEX OFFENDER.i am a guy and in my school days , i have faced some pretty sick behavior from men too so i kinda understand ur feeling .MOST WOMEN REPORTING COMPLAIN IN THIS SITE SAY THAT THEY ARE AFRAID OF THE RETARD S*N OF A D*G. DONT BE AFRAID , WHEN MEN REALIZE THAT THE WOMEN THEY WANNA FEEL UP OR MOLEST IS SCARED THEY HAVE MENTAL ADVANTAGE OVER YOU , THEY REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING BUT RUN QUIETLY TO YOUR HOME AND KEEP SILENT. U hav to stand up for ur self and defend ur self. if u must stab the S*n of a D*g to protect ur self then u must stab the S*n of a D*g . i am not saying that you hav to stay there and fight but u'll at least get enough time to surprise attack him and run away or call for help. BE BRAVE BE STRONG. FIGHT FOR UR SELF . NEVER EVER GIVE UP. PLS GO THROUGH THE LINK http://www.chilliguard.com/ i say keep both in ur purse a pocket knife and a chilly /pepper spray .... and be generous when u use them .
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