Stalked and watched by owner and staff of Om Sai Beach Huts

22:00 Feb 7 2016 Agonda, Goa 403702, India

Om Sai Beach Huts is not safe for female solo travellers.

While the owner, Gaurav Bhagat, was drunk he told me that he and the staff were watching me to see if I was sleeping with my friend. (who was there and staying in a seperate room) And that he called them to check what we were doing, and that the ENTIRE STAFF was giving him information about my activities and whereabouts.

What bothers me most is NOT that he hit on me eventually - but that he and your staff were watching me and they were reporting to you what I was doing. That does not make me feel safe, in fact, because of this I have many doubts about the overall safety of the place. The hut and bathroom had holes in the walls where someone could see inside. I overlooked them, but now I doubt that someone was watching me while I slept and changed clothes and other things which require privacy.

I cannot recommend this place to anyone knowing what he told me.
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