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12:30 Apr 12 2016 dwarka more bus stop nazafgarh new delhi

while i was standing on the bus stop there were two guys the bus stop was crowded so i looked around and changed my position and i stood where females were standing on the bus stop by seeing the faces i couldn't recognize that these guys could do these cheap things as an when i was standing near some ladies while i was waiting for the bus these guys also came near toa me like they also changed their positions like i was noticing their actions i saw that there were giving me cheap facial expressions by seeing this i changed my direction i faced them just in opposite direction then also i noticed that they were continously smiling and looking at me as if they were talking about me only and trying to judging me then when i boarded my bus they also boarded the same bus the boys were standing just next to me then i told my parents that i wont be able to travel through public transport as these sort of things happens in them.
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