Sexual harassment and Indecent exposure

09:00 May 5 2016 Indra darshan cross road, Milat Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400102, India

This incident has happened to me twice in the same area with the same man, over a period of two years. In January 2014, the mentioned man, then a slightly chubby, balding guy, had crossed my path while i was just a block away from my home. He looks decent, and uses a bike which i now realise, has license plates that are half broken or absent. he then crossed me and came back, stood on the opposite side of the road with his penis sticking out of his pants and asking me to take a look. he was masturbating. I was too shocked to react and by the time I did ,, he had taken off on his back. Recently, the same man, who is now balder and fatter, once again crossed my path on the same road, this time i was near my building. the man was once again on a bike, but a nicer looking black and red sports bike. He had worn shorts and t shirt that people wear to a gym. all black. he came back, again maintaining a safe distance from me, this time he said very derogatory and vulgar things about my private parts, along with what he wanted to do with them. seeing him again , triggered memories of 2014 and i was frozen for a second, but once again when i did react he escaped on his bike. to me he now seems like a serial molester, with a modus operandi of targeting girls/women in that area, in the wee hours of morning, on a bike with no plates. I am certain he lives in that area too.
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Sexual harassment and Indecent exposure

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