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तस्करी करना 0 Unverified

10:21 Sep 23, 2017

इस मार्किट मे जब शॉपिंग करने गए थे तो वहाँ पर लड़के लोग गलत इशारा कर रहे थे ! More Information » « Less Information

Sarangpur, Laxmi Bazar, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380002, India

Catcalling 0 Unverified

13:00 Sep 15, 2017

After sitting on bench next to stranger and then moving off, man said goodbye then he hoped to see me later, then he hoped to see me soon, real... More Information » « Less Information

The Mall, Wood Green, London N22 6YA, UK

सिटी मारना 0 Unverified

10:20 Sep 14, 2017

मे जब दरगाह जाती हूँ तो बहा पर लड़के खड़ेरहेते हें । और लड़िकयों को देख कर गलत इशारा करते हें । More Information » « Less Information

Nr.Shahealam Dargah Opp.Delhi Hotel, Chhipakuva, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380028, India

catcall 0 Unverified

22:00 Sep 05, 2017

I was walking to the club with my friends when two men in a van catcalled us while they were stopped at a traffic light More Information » « Less Information

Kilsby, UK

Problem I faced during Ganesh Chaturthi 0 Unverified

18:00 Aug 25, 2017

I was there for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival and some boys were staring at me which made me feel very uncomfortable. Later on they also tried... More Information » « Less Information

Juhu Beach, Airport Area, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047, India

Catcalling 0 Unverified

19:00 Aug 24, 2017

A man shouted out of the car at my friend and I as we were walking. More Information » « Less Information

Southampton, UK


18:00 Aug 15, 2017

This lady was catcalled and inappropriately stared at, at the station, however did not report to the police. More Information » « Less Information

Thane Station, Thane, Maharashtra, India

161-180 of 2754 Reports
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