singing and whistling

13:33 Jan 9 2013 Old Double Story, Lajpat nagar- IV

just after Dec 16 case, on a sunday, i got ready to meet my friend and came down of my flat. there is a fast food centre at the corner of teh road, as i passed this food centre, a worker started singing a song pointing out my clothes. i immdiately turned back and taught him a good lesson.
i shouted on him and told him he cant just start singing a song every time a girl pass through this street, he needs to control and respect women.
all other guys standing their had there heads down that time. i made my point.
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Amit Singh (Jan 21 2013)
Brilliant! I'd love to hear instances of fellow citizens confronting the harasser even before the girl decides to break her silence. A heartening read.
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